Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas in the South

Since we haven't seen snow since way back in 1989, we have to create our snow men and let them reside inside the house. The little Christmas doll I found in the American Thrift Store in Jasper Alabama for $1.98. How could anyone part with her? As you can tell I'm a cat lover with all the cats sitting around, and now days there are no real pets to be seen. Seems strange after all the years of Cats and Dogs around the house not to have even one. Who knows maybe when I finally retire and stay home I will once again see the need of a furry friend to keep me company while I piddle around the house hoping to find no puddles.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas. I love the packages and the food and everything that goes with it. I especially love the "prep work." Now isn't that the dumbest thing you have ever heard?

So many of my friends and even my husband complain about all the energy and time it takes to prepare for an EVENT. Not me. That is my fun time. I love the mixing and pouring and cooking all sorts of goodies that I don't fix any other time of the year. I love wrapping packages and trying out new things with the bows and ribbons and anything I can find to attach to that package inside or out is a thrill to me.

All the decorations in the house. That's an entirely different story. Every room has to have something to say, "Hi y'all, welcome, it's Christmas time." I love trees so every room including the bathroom has some sort of tree. There are old and new ones, ceramic and green ones. Oh if only I had a HUGE house, then I could have large trees with different themes in every room.

I even like to create our own Christmas cards on the computer. My husband buys boxes of Thomas Kincaid cards to hand out at work and I create the special ones to send to all those extra special folks on our list, not that the great guys and gals at work aren't special, but you know how it is Family expects to be on the top of your list, with an extra touch of some sort. Last year I copied a caricature of myself and my husband that I had made for him on his birthday and put it on the cover of the card. I still love that drawing and even have it as the background on my cell phone.

I love celebrating Jesus. His birth, His life, His death and resurrection. And I'm so Thankful that He Loves me Enough to allow me the time, to create, play, and work hard cleaning and spiffing up the home place while enjoying all the Holidays that he has given us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so many things and people to be Thankful for. The list grows every year to include more friends and more family. I love the addition of new family members and we already know that their will be a new grand daughter arriving in February or March, and the possibility of another grandson or grand daughter later in the year, assuming God decides to bless this son and daughter-in-law.

They announced on my birthday back in September that they were now ready. Of course this daughter-in-love (I stole that love part from Debbie Macomber, makes perfect sense to me) has a birthday the day before mine so we are secretly (actually we've told everyone) that a September baby would be very much welcomed.

I'm thankful that God has given me a wonderful man to share the fall of my life with. We enjoy each other and never have trouble communicating with each other even on touchy subjects which include my children or his.

I'm thankful for my 3 grown children and even though they are sometimes "works in progress" so am I, and fortunately God has given me as well as them time to work a few more things out.

I'm thankful for my six grandchildren who are growing very quickly into young ladies and young men, and very thankful for the youngest grandchild who I call my bonus. I married her grandfather when she was a year old so not only did I acquire two step children but she was the bonus. Lest I forget I am also the great grandmother of one of the sweetest little boys, actually I tell everyone my daughter is a grandmother and sorta let the great grandmother portion remain unsaid. We rarely see him as he lives with his mother, but God I'm sure is working in her life and soon he will be allowed to be part of our family also.

Life has been very full and eventful for me and some days I wonder what God has planned for me next, but in the meantime, I will enjoy the moment, for I told Him quite LOUDLY one time that I was very tired of taking "one day at a time." When he asked me what I had in mind, then of course; I was speechless, for who am I to tell anyone, let alone GOD how to rule the world or handle my life?

I pray all those who take time to read my ramblings will have a Blessed, Happy, Safe, Holiday and let God know how very thankful you are for all that He has done in your life.

Many Blessings
B.J. Brooks Robinson

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Over thirteen years ago I visited my brother Charles and he presented me with a small bundle of black and white fur. His Boston Terrier had 4 puppies and he gave me one. Well C.J. was an easy name to come by, I had a grandson Christopher and a granddaughter Jessica, and also a sometimes bratty brother Charles. So C.J. represented them all, and he was just the cutest thing.

Actually he was so cute we had to find him a play mate, so the same brother who at that time bred and sold Boston Terriers had another litter with different blood lines so we bought C.J. his very own Lady friend Baby. From 6 weeks on they were inseparable.

Back in the the Spring Baby decided she had taken all she could of C.J.'s antics after 13 years of his barking and aggravating her she decided she would take a Heavenly Trip, or as my oldest son would say, Baby was no more.

Poor C.J. had nobody to bark at or snuggle up to. He tried the ceramic cat on the living room floor a few times, but guess she wasn't too warm or appealing. He became a crotchety old man and on Friday he decided he would take a long nap and go see Baby.

Time passes and it seems like a short time but for his breed 13 1/2 years is a very long journey. I will miss him he was a great companion to me, especially after my husband passed away and before I remarried. I can best describe it as the end of an Era one that included my other life, for I feel like now I'm walking in a different world making new memories and C.J. was part of my past. Forever gone now.

Blessings / Barbara

Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday fun

As I previously posted my husband left my birthday gift at home. So on Sunday morning the day of my birthday he told me what I had waiting for me at home.

Of course I loved the gift, (Ruby/Diamond Ring) but the best part was the card. We have a running joke about the names he calls me. I've been trying to teach him some new words for quite some time now.

He often calls me "Brat" as in Spoiled Brat, "Silly" is another one of his expressions, so along the way I've tried to incorporate the word "Precious."

My birthday card said "To My Precious Wife." Can you believe it? He's really been listening to me, don't cha think?

Many Blessings

Anniversary / Birthday Trip

We spent this past weekend in Alabama. One of my favorite places to go since most of my family lives there.

It was our two year anniversary and my birthday so we rented a convertible for our short weekend Holiday trip.

For our anniversary I got my husband a Radar Detector because in the Spring when we went to Alabama for my family's fish fry get together He got a ticket. That ticket cost as much as the Radar Detector, so it was probably money well spent for many trips to come.

You might be asking so what did he get her? Well by now you all know he is a romantic, so I got a Ruby Bracelet to go with my Ruby slide and earrings that he bought me for Christmas.

On the ride up we only had one short rain shower so the rest of the trip was top down and lovin' it.

An hour or so outside of town he remembered he had left my birthday present at home. I assured him my favorite thing to do is to celebrate several weeks if not all month.

One of the reason we took this trip at this particular time was because my brother Charles was turning 70. His children were throwing him a Surprise Birthday party on Saturday and we were part of the surprise.

I come from a family of nine and several years ago one of my sisters and I decided to present each person who turned 70 a quilt. Well it's really more like a quilt hanging. The first one we created together, but later she made two of our brothers one, then it was her turn, so I made hers, and this time I decided very early on to make this one very special. I cut out the squares, only 9 of them. Created a ball cap and denim jeans and shirt applique for the boys, skirt, blouse and bonnet for the girl. Each square told a story of that person.

On my square I had two books with a big A on them, for my books Amon(There's an Angel in the House) and Audrey's Window. I also had a dog on my skirt to represent my Boston Terrier dogs that I got from this brother. Had a bumble bee and dragon fly button to represent my two boys, a flower for my daughter, a red heart for my husband, and the stem of the flower had leaves for each grandchild and an Angel pin over my heart for my precious Tracey who only lived 25 days. On every quilt block I stitched the birth year of the brother or sister and in one case the year of a death. We lost our oldest brother Billy in 1989.

Maybe one day soon I will post a picture. I did think it turned out rather cute. He certainly was proud of it. And now I have two years to come up with something spectacular for another sister who will be 70. Her name is Reba and in 2011 she will be 70..... hope she isn't reading this, no really I haven't told a soul you will be 68 on December 14.

Many Blessings

Friday, August 21, 2009

On a Mission

Last month my husband bought a Thomas Kincaid painting. It was/is beautiful. Did we need it? No. Too costly. But he is very sentimental and the painting is a park in Savannah and we spent our Honeymoon in Savannah. September 2, will be our two year anniversary and I'm sure this painting we will enjoy because it will have a special meaning for us.

This Mission to buy one of his paintings started last February. Larry's son Sean and his wife Brenda went to Biltmore House for their Honeymoon and Thomas Kincaid had an incredible painting of the Biltmore House.

We all live in Jacksonville, Florida but go to St. Augustine quite often and there is a wonderful Kincaid Gallery right on St. George street so we are frequent visitors. Sean and Brenda fell in love with the Biltmore painting and with some very clever financing which we were all involved in Sean received the painting for his birthday in February.

Grandfather gave them a check for their wedding that covered half of the cost, he always gives money for birthdays and Christmas so they saved those checks and I found a coupon on line for $100.00 off and for his birthday we all gave money. So creative financing works when you know what you want.

I think that got us looking for a painting for our home, and low and behold there it was just waiting on us, and no creative financing to be had, just monthly payments to Visa, (they love us).

Anyway my mission was to pick it up today, and since I work closer to St. Augustine then I do to home I took an early lunch and was on a MISSION, my mission which I chose to accept was to make this run in less than an hour, find parking, get painting, avoid the rain and get back to work.

Yea, I did it thanks to the sweet guy in the parking lot who didn't charge me the $7.00, because I said "pretty please" I won't be but 5 minutes. Thanks to Marc our salesman who had the painting wrapped and ready and even carried it to the car for me. The parking lot guy said I had worked a miracle....not really Marc is always that nice I've been told.

Then the traffic worked to my benefit and I made it back to work in record time 50 minutes round trip. And I even had a chat with my sister in Alabama as I drove back to work, (oops don't think I was supposed to tell that part, yakking on the phone and driving). It's okay I had the speaker phone on....!

Many Blessings

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week in reverse

Last week took me back in time. I suppose I knew after my husband Mickey passed away that a time would come when I would again be involved with his family.

You get married and you inherit a mom, dad, and siblings. Absolutely no different then being born into a family. You really don't know what you are getting and sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you don't.

Mickey's mother passed away on August 7, one week after I had gone to see her in Hospice for the last time. Mickey died in January of 2004 and at that time his mother was in fairly good health. His father preceded him in death by seven years. She was 81.

We spent a lot of time with his family off and on through the 17 years we were married and I don't remember there being any major disagreements. But in the last 6 months of his life when he needed a lot of care, some words were spoken, hurtful words by one of his sisters. And it took time to get over that. And I really don't remember even one phone call during the weeks following his death from his family to check on me, there were a couple of phone calls to see if they could have this or that item.

But time passes and you get over the sadness, the hurts, the bad memories and you move on. After three years I met Larry and remarried so there was no contact with Mickey's family, until Mom got sick.

I heard about it through the work grapevine as one of his sisters works where I do. We get along fine but family things didn't come up much and we work on separate floors in separate departments, so we don't see each other very often. Anyway when I heard Mom was in Hospice I went by to see her. She wasn't herself for sure and the memories flooded in as I visited with his favorite Aunt and one of his sisters.

Then on the 12th she was buried. Because I thought it was the right thing to do I attended the viewing and the funeral. It was nice seeing everyone, there were a lot of hugs, and smiling faces seemingly glad to see me. But that one person who ignores you, can't look you in the eye, can make you feel so unimportant and very uncomfortable.

I promised myself I would not get drug down, but I was. Memories hurt when they aren't good memories. I'm sure she doesn't like me probably never did, so why did I try so hard?
The funny thing is she treats her sisters the same way, so again why am I taking this so personally. I should be feeling sorry for her because she's the one who needs help not me.

The one thing she said to me during Mickey's illness that hurt the worst was, "If he were my husband I would be staying here with him all the time." He was in the hospital at that time with poor but controllable health issues. This lady has never worked outside her home and I was at this time the sole provider for our household and the provider of the medical insurance that was paying the hospital bills. My comment was, "If it was your husband you could afford to stay full time, but I have to work so we can afford for him to be here." Her husband later apologized to me for her. That happened more than once as others always apologized for her.

Mickey was an alcoholic and died with liver disease at a too young age. I've started a book entitled "Unequally Yoked to A.A. (An Alcoholic). Not sure I will ever be able to finish it as I put much of that sadness away a long time ago, until my Week in Reverse, but like so many doors, I think this one has finally closed.

I left the funeral and went for some Therapy Shopping. After purchasing two pair of "Feel Good" shoes I was able to say my own personal good bye to the lady I knew as Mom for 17 years, and know that I was ready for a new week and totally committed to my new life and extended family members.



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writing for Fun

Yesterday I wrote a few lines just for entertainment and fun. My friends are used to my humor so sometimes I either tell them or write them something that I find humorous in my life with my Sweet Husband, Larry. So here's my story and I'm sticking to it, although one friend wanted me to swear it was "the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Another friend proclaimed "You are So Spoiled." Yet another said "You are the Queen and must dress accordingly." I have some wonderful friends who truly "Stand by Me" in all sorts of situations.

Larry came looking for me to tell me bye this morning and he found me standing in front of my closet, (which is full to exploding) but I lied very nicely, with "honey I don't have a thing to wear" Of course he was trying to look over my shoulder as I adeptly closed the door.

Later I emailed him that I had made it to work and had on some "old rags" I had found deep in the closet to put on. That very "unsympathetic man" emailed me back that he was sure the Thrift Store would be open as usual Saturday Morning. I then told him that perhaps I had some change laying around and maybe they would have something I could afford.

I did a favor for him later in the day by making some phone calls about an old insurance bill they wanted us to pay on the house he sold last year. Anyway I assessed my time and energy and billed him $10.00 so I would have some money to spend for these new clothes I so badly need, from the Thrift Store.

And oh what a "sweet man" he is, as he said that since I was so deprived I could have 10% of the money I had just saved him with my phone calls. So Yippee Skippee I now have $26.68 for my wild shopping spree for new duds.

What'cha think about that? I probably can store them in
the washing machineor under the bed, or hey I can
put some nails on the back of the doors in the
house and hang them there! Whatever works....!

Have A Very Blessed Day, smile often and laugh out loud


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have you ever had too many projects? Well it seems like we don't get one finished until we have an idea for another and sometimes there's one on hold and two in progress.

At the moment we are painting the outside of the house and inbetween we are moving furniture around on the inside to make room for our latest addition. A GRANDFATHER clock. Wow.... the company I work for is footing the bill because I've been here for 20 years. It doesn't seem like 20 years and I never intended to work outside the home for that many years, but life seems to happen.

Well in the mist of all of this we volunteered to keep our granddaughter over night so her folks, my husband's daughter and son-in-law can celebrate their anniversary, and got the good news that we are to be grandparents again via my husband's son and daughter-in-law. Great news and I'm sure I'll write more about that awesome event as time goes on. I have not one but three baby afghans in process......... boy, girl, twins???? The Twin part is not likely this time but when my son and his wife finally decide it is time, she's a twin so maybe.

And we have a man coming Saturday to put Hardee Board on the back of the house. Let me tell you I'm tired already and keep thinking of other stuff I want to do. How bout that bathroom tile, and the new floor for the Utility Room, and oh yeah I want to steam clean the bathroom...... It's all about time and the management of time.

Which brings me to another thought, I want to finish my brother's quilt for his big 70th birthday and I do so want to get back to writing. Two books and I stopped to get married, well we are old married folks now, almost 2 years, but like Larry says if you count all the years we've been married to each other and to others, well........ it's a total of 72 years.

I'm working on getting my head in the direction of a book I started years ago and didn't finish. And we've also borrowed a treadmill and so far I'm up to a mile a day.... Yea Me.
So guess at this stage I just need to record my thoughts as I walk and write them down later or just slow down on the projects.

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, April 24, 2009

Computer Magic

I'm fairly new at blogging but I'm learning all sorts of neat ways to improve my simple blog.

Today I added a connection for people to follow my blog. How cool is that? Jennifer was the first one to sign on. Thank you, Jennifer.

I've attached my name to several blogs now and I love following all of them.

As I've told a few people a lot of my computer time is from work, and I have to be careful since my Beloved Son is the Computer Guy with the company I work for. So in the past he has made it impossible for us to go on My Space, Craigs List, and various other websites, so I'm praying he never, let me repeat that "NEVER EVER" discovers the Blogging World.

As soon as I figure out how to attach pictures and slide shows then I plan to have more fun with blogging, of course I may have to retire or give up watching NCIS in the evenings to do so.

Have a very Blessed day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Friend's Birthday

Today is my very Best Friend Sally's Birthday. She is one year younger than me today and as she reminded me only yesterday she was two years younger then.

How long has this been going on you might ask? Well we met on the school bus in Muncie, Indiana when I was 8 or 7 and and she was 6 or 7. Needless to say we have followed each other around since then.

In our teens Sally moved to Orlando, Florida with her family and I followed a few years later. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and she followed a few years later. Then she went every where from the Philippines to New York, then later Texas, Colorado, and at the moment Kansas. Me, well I'm still in Jacksonville, Florida. But occasionally I get to meet up with her some place. Most recently in Orlando, and before that on a Cruise. Fun stuff.

Sally sales cruises so if you are in the market for one look her up at

Sally loves animals of all sizes, but is the proud owner of 7, yes I said 7 dogs. I blame her husband Tom for this as he wants to keep her happy, and if they lose one of their tribe he sometimes buys two rather than one to take their place. Right this minute they have Bernie, Taz, Jezebel, Scarlet, Kimshee, Hobo and Moose. Bernie and Kimshee are Shitzu's, Taz, Jezebel, and Scarlet are Yorkies, Moose is a Labradoodle and Hobo is some sort of terrier, he was one of Sally's rescues, can't blame Tom for him. They are all loved and cherished and treated better than some people I know.

Sally and I have shared so many adventures and escapades and just plain fun over the years until she's more like a sister then the girl I met on the bus. I've told her many times that the day I met her was one of those moments in time where I felt like "I've found her" rather than just "met her."

I've slipped her name in both of the books I've written and I'm sure I will find a spot for her in the future books that I'm walking around with in my head, that have failed to find their way to paper.

So I'm writing today to wish Sally a very Happy Birthday.

Many Blessings,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogs and Spring

I have been checking out some incredible blogs of late. Let me tell you these Ladies have truly "Got It."

Pictures and instructions, and wonderful thoughts and dreams all over the place. Reminds me of the good 'ol days when I stayed home with my children. I was a housewife and mother exclusively until my daughter was 15 and the youngest at five started school. Let me tell you after two weeks in that house alone, I was ready to find a job.

But back in the day we didn't have computers or blogs to help entertain me and surely not enough money to go around with 3 kids in school. I was a thrifty shopper and made a lot of my daughter's clothes and a few things for the two boys.

But it was time to go to work, to entertain me and help with the finances. It has been many years later and almost time for me to retire and I see so many things out there that I want to try, but I still remember those two weeks 28 years ago when I did everything I had been wanting to do around the house and was looking for another outlet.

My husband wants to work a year or more after I retire, so there you go "What Am I Going to Do?" Well for sure I will get back to writing, and after visiting all these Blogs I'm going to do some creative decorating, and shopping for bargains that I can redo.

So many ladies out there to inspire me.

Many Blessings

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Warm Thought

Just read the following on my desk calendar.

"People are like stained glass windows; they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within."

Wow does that say a mouth full. I have several Christian friends and I always see that light within especially during times of trouble.

It's a lovely day in Jacksonville, Fl. I'm so ready for Spring and the beautiful flowers that it brings. We have to install a new liner in our pool this year, so hopefully Saturday will be warm enough to pull out the old one and let the ground beneath dry out, prior to installing the new one.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think I have as much fun planning anything as I do the actual event. We are in the process of planning our vacation. We will leave Jacksonville bright and early May 15, and make our way to Birmingham, Alabama.

I have family there. Since I come from a family of nine children I actually have a large family in that area. If you've ever read my book Audrey's Window you will be familiar with my family.

Some years back my brother Charles started having what he called "A Family Fish Fry," since then we've all tried to gather once a year to just be together. Larry's gone the past two years with me but for several years I went by myself. There are 5 girls and 3 boys living. We five girls (women) and I'm the youngest which I always remind someone, always have are pictures taken together.

Getting back to our vacation we plan on the "Fish Fry" then want to tour Graceland in Memphis and then over to Nashville for the Grand 'Ole Opry, finally coming home by way of Helen Ga. Yep we plan to cram all that into one week. That's what takes up all our planning. I've been putting Mapquest to good use and have discovered that Memphis is about 3 and 1/2 hours away from Birmingham and Nashville another 3 from there and maybe four hours to Helen, Ga.

If anyone has gone to all these places I wish they would enlighten me on the best places to stay and all the fun things to do, since Larry has nixed my wonderful idea of staying in the "Burning Love" suite at the Graceland Hotel. I think it's the price, let's see, yep $545.00 per night is a bit steep. Guess our burning love will have to be burned up someplace else.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Hearts and Flowers

When Larry and I were dating he asked me what kind of flowers I liked. I had never received many flowers so I had to think about it, but I do remember telling him that I liked yellow roses, daisys, and I think I even mentioned pink roses.

The next day he brought me a basket of flowers, there were 10 yellow roses and 10 daisys and 10 pink roses. It was gorgeous. The yellow roses lasted the longest and were beautiful. I raved about them and he asked why didn't I just say Yellow Roses were my favorite. Duh?

I've been practical my entire life and not knowing what flowers cost I figured that daisys would be fairly inexpensive, or so I thought. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would buy every flower I mentioned.

But since then he's only bought me Yellow Roses and they are a special brand that are very big and quite beautiful. They have to be ordered in advance I think they are called Mohana Roses, I've probably butchered the name. I'm expecting Roses tomorrow like a lot of other women out there, but I'm wondering how many are expecting yellow roses.

He's also big on jewelry and last Valentines day got me a set of hearts from Swarovski. They are purple, a necklace and ear rings. Very pretty and quite unusual looking.

He asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day so he always make the day extra special. We are having lunch at the restaurant where he proposed then going to a friend's house to see her and her husband renew their wedding vows, (40) years.

So this Lady is looking forward to celebrating our big day and lest you think I've forgotten him, I haven't, a new camera case, cd, and gift card to the movies await him.

Many Blessings

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogging World

The first blog I ever read was Kristy Dykes' Christian Romance and from that I decided to create a blog. Then I found Jennifer's and from there I've been bouncing all over cyber space and reading the most amazing stories.

You ladies are incredible. Pictures, recipes, good advice, sad stories, love stories, and crafts. It's all out there in the Blog World.

When I first read Kristy's I thought a blog might be a great idea for me to express some of my feelings through out the day. I've been journaling for years and since I'm in front of a computer all day at work, and believe me work has been slow, but I still have to sit here, thought I would try blogging. In between business picked up then slowed down and life happened, so I don't log on very often to write.

I recently posted a blog about my ex-husband's illness and Jennifer asked how he was.

My daughter has been designated as his caretaker so she's been making all the medical decisions.

He's better in that he is no longer sedated with a feeding tube.
Other issues have come to light. He has been diagnosed with diabetes which has gone untreated and he may have some lung problems. He's been a long time smoker. Right now he is still in the hospital and will remain there until Monday sometime when he will be transferred to a rehabilatative hospital. He's been confined and almost totally out of it for over two weeks so he must get his strength back, prior to going home.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Warm Thoughts

Just read something that I truly hope I can always remember.


Prayer is with me all day long, as I walk down the hall at work I'm silently praying for my husband, my children, my friends, my co-workers and in between thanking God for all he does for me daily. And that saying just confirms my day of prayers.

Your heavenly Father knows your needs. He will always give you all you need from day to day.... For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:31,32 TLB.

God knew what we would need before we were even born. How awesome is that? The friends he has sent me along the way confirms that, and I have needed Him daily my entire life.

My heart has been softened so many times over the years, just when I'm so angry at some one a sweet thought of that person will filter into my mind, and then I feel only love in my heart. And it blesses me no end to know that God never has to have his heart softened toward me, that HE ALWAYS loves me.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Passes

I've been reminded this weekend that Time does indeed pass, and often very quickly.

My first marriage took place when I was the very old age of 17. I married my High School sweetheart and we had 3 children. Our first child died with heart problems after only 25 days, but the other two, a girl and then a boy flourished. We were married close to 10 years and then moved on with other partners.

I'm very close to my adult children and in that respect keep up with their father. I've known for some time now that his health wasn't perfect, but was shocked Friday morning to hear that he had a seizure at work and was in the hospital. He's been sedated since then and is now in ICU.

Both children are there with him but each sees their father differently. My son says, "Oh he'll be fine in a couple of days." but his sister sees him and says, "Mom I don't see how he is going to survive this."

Their father is 64, but has a history of heart problems, and has just had cataract surgery on both eyes. Lots of health problems in his family from heart attacks to cancer, so my daughter is remembering how young her grandfather was when he passed away with a heart attack, he was in his very early 60's, then her grandmother in her early 70's died with lung and brain cancer. So she being the oldest remembers them better, than my son does.

Yet it seemed like only yesterday their dad was walking up my sidewalk to take me out on our first date, time passes and now we wait to see how much more time will pass until the doctors give us more news.

Blessings, B

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missing Lavada

I had a long time friend Nell Henry and when she died I thought I would never get over missing her, and even now I see things she has given me or go in the house that was once hers and wonder where the time has gone and exactly when did I accept the fact that she was gone.

Lavada has only been gone a short time and almost daily I think about her. When I get in front of my computer and create anything whether it be for work or pleasure I think about Lavada. She loved writing, she loved everything that centered around writing. I did so want her to get published.

I spoke to her daughter in law at the funeral home and she expressed a wish to finish Lavada's books. I hope she's following through with that, for if nobody but family reads her books they will always have that part of Lavada. I have the one book that she was the "ghost writer" on and never got full credit for it. I treasure that book and the fact she allowed me to help her edit it. Kristy Dykes read it too, and like me thought Lavada an excellent writer.

Lavada's name alone spelled out WRITER to me. Lavada Haupt. What a great name.

Missing you still