Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas. I love the packages and the food and everything that goes with it. I especially love the "prep work." Now isn't that the dumbest thing you have ever heard?

So many of my friends and even my husband complain about all the energy and time it takes to prepare for an EVENT. Not me. That is my fun time. I love the mixing and pouring and cooking all sorts of goodies that I don't fix any other time of the year. I love wrapping packages and trying out new things with the bows and ribbons and anything I can find to attach to that package inside or out is a thrill to me.

All the decorations in the house. That's an entirely different story. Every room has to have something to say, "Hi y'all, welcome, it's Christmas time." I love trees so every room including the bathroom has some sort of tree. There are old and new ones, ceramic and green ones. Oh if only I had a HUGE house, then I could have large trees with different themes in every room.

I even like to create our own Christmas cards on the computer. My husband buys boxes of Thomas Kincaid cards to hand out at work and I create the special ones to send to all those extra special folks on our list, not that the great guys and gals at work aren't special, but you know how it is Family expects to be on the top of your list, with an extra touch of some sort. Last year I copied a caricature of myself and my husband that I had made for him on his birthday and put it on the cover of the card. I still love that drawing and even have it as the background on my cell phone.

I love celebrating Jesus. His birth, His life, His death and resurrection. And I'm so Thankful that He Loves me Enough to allow me the time, to create, play, and work hard cleaning and spiffing up the home place while enjoying all the Holidays that he has given us.


Deanna said...

Merry Christmas!
I am working at pacing myself... some days go better than others.

I actually enjoy window shopping and seeing what's out there!!!

Glad you enjoy this time of year.
God bless you,

Robynn's Ravings said...

AMEN GIRLIE!!! I am definitely in the Christmas mood myself this year. Just got the tree last night and heading to a Christmas Electrical Light parade tonight with 50 of my closest friends. Thanks for bringing me joy this morning. :)