Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Over thirteen years ago I visited my brother Charles and he presented me with a small bundle of black and white fur. His Boston Terrier had 4 puppies and he gave me one. Well C.J. was an easy name to come by, I had a grandson Christopher and a granddaughter Jessica, and also a sometimes bratty brother Charles. So C.J. represented them all, and he was just the cutest thing.

Actually he was so cute we had to find him a play mate, so the same brother who at that time bred and sold Boston Terriers had another litter with different blood lines so we bought C.J. his very own Lady friend Baby. From 6 weeks on they were inseparable.

Back in the the Spring Baby decided she had taken all she could of C.J.'s antics after 13 years of his barking and aggravating her she decided she would take a Heavenly Trip, or as my oldest son would say, Baby was no more.

Poor C.J. had nobody to bark at or snuggle up to. He tried the ceramic cat on the living room floor a few times, but guess she wasn't too warm or appealing. He became a crotchety old man and on Friday he decided he would take a long nap and go see Baby.

Time passes and it seems like a short time but for his breed 13 1/2 years is a very long journey. I will miss him he was a great companion to me, especially after my husband passed away and before I remarried. I can best describe it as the end of an Era one that included my other life, for I feel like now I'm walking in a different world making new memories and C.J. was part of my past. Forever gone now.

Blessings / Barbara