Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is April first and there are a lot of folks playing jokes on each other. But today I'm remembering a year ago when my ex-daughter-in-law, Christy, called to tell me that her mother had committed suicide. My first thought was "April Fools" only she was serious and I knew it. Christy's mom had a drinking problem and I'm sure other issues that I knew nothing about. We however did share two grandsons who lived with their mother and she was good to call me when she felt like I could do something for them that she couldn't. The last time I talked to her she wanted to let me know that Alex needed some new tennis shoes. We had known each other long enough by then to know she only called me when there was a need. I know today must be hard for Christy. She told me a few weeks ago when I saw her that she had gone to counseling for about 6 months. Trying to find answers for the big hole left in her life ........ Why Sandy Why? I doubt we will ever know what went through Sandy's mind as she decided to end her life. I have another friend who has beat colon cancer and if you want to get her fighting mad tell her about someone who has tried to kill themselves or succeeded. She's fought hard now for five years to stay alive and can't understand why someone would so carelessly end theirs. Today I pray for peace for Christy. Understanding with love for her mother who couldn't keep on keeping on like the rest of us.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katie's arrival

This is Katie actually her given name is Katherine Elizabeth Hayes, and she lives two doors down from her very proud Grandmother. I'm not sure yet what she will call me but whatever it is I will be there with very wide open arms. Katie arrived on March 14 and she weighed 8.1 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. In just two short weeks she has grown in length to 21.75 inches and weighs 8.6 ounces. The doctor says "She will be Tall."
Since my son is 6'2" and his wife is 5'9", perhaps she will take after them. I must admit on my side of the family although I am 5'3", I do have two 6' tall neices. So who knows Katie may surpass us all.
She is all arms and legs and from the very first has had her hands all over her face and even popped her thumb in her mouth minutes after she was born. Yes I was there as well as her other grandmothers. My daughter-in-law Jenn, has a step-mother who we all adore. She never had the birth experience as she never had children so Jenn wanted her to share in Katie's birth, and Jenn's mom was there also. We labored along with Jenn until Katie arrived. An experience I will long remember.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Friend Nell

When I was five years old we moved from Alabama to Indiana and one of the first families we met were Nell and Leonard from Kentucky along with their son Glenn.

Nell was like a mom in the beginning helping keep Glenn and I under control, and later a friend, then as time went on when I didn't have a mother figure she resumed that roll.

Last week when my super dooper cell phone rang and Nell's name came up I thought it was a little late in the evening for her to call. We normally talked about once a month and there were a few notes and letters in between over the years, but most of those phone calls were during the day, on the weekends, or right after I got off work.

I answered the phone and immediately heard Glenn's voice and knew something wasn't quite right.

Nell passed away on June 1, with complications in her lungs. She wasn't a smoker but lived with a smoker the biggest portion of her life. She would have been 82 on her birthday later this month.

Leonard had passed away years ago and she had remarried but they no longer lived together but she had Glenn and his children looking out for her.

She loved me that I know, and as I told Glenn, he not only lost his mother but I lost the only person in the world who thought I was perfect. I'm sure she really didn't think I could do no wrong it just didn't matter to her because she loved me right or wrong but chose to believe that I was perfect.

She gave me confidence and let me tell her all my troubles. Most of the time we talked like old friends about all the people we knew. She never tired of telling me about the little blond hair girl with the red sweater that took her heart away. The little girl she never had. Boy could she ever stick up for me. Once I asked her what kind of a child I was. "Oh sweetheart you were so good."

Yeah that was Nell always a kind word for everyone. I will miss her so much.

Yet I know she was tired. The last time we talked she was down and it was tough getting her to laugh at one of my silly escapades. She said "I'm tired and just don't feel well anymore."

I'm very thankful she was in my life and I will always remember the soft way she spoke and that in her eyes, I was perfect.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Surgery and Recovery

On April 29, my youngest son's birthday I had surgery on my right arm. I had been in pain for some time and finally with my son's advice ringing in my ears. "Mom you know if you put this off, then recovery is much harder the older you get." Made me feel down right ancient.

Well it's been almost two months now and I'm still in therapy, but Praise the Lord I can now pull my hair up in a pony tail. Up until this week I could not raise my arm above my head. You know what? I do not know one single woman out there who can't rise above a minor hair inconvenience.

I'm am a major fan of hot curlers, so if your arm doesn't go up then your head can go down to accommodate the problem. So my first day back to work I got down on the level of the hot curlers and we didn't do too bad. That fleeting thought I had about just shaving my head, went away quickly, so I still have my long flowing hair but and that's a LARGE BUT if it gets any hotter in Florida it may have to go.

Yeah I know I asked my hubby what he liked best short or long hair and he did compliment me first thing this morning on how good it looked........ and lets see that was two days after he had his trimmed and it wasn't even hanging over his collar. Men, gotta love them.

We are expecting another grand daughter in August and are in preparation for all the baby showers. At least my surgery didn't affect my typing skills or the fact that I can still crochet lovely baby afghans. This daughter-in-love is getting two with hats to match. Of course that's exactly what the last daughter-in-love got too. Can't play favorites.

I stayed home Friday and Monday to keep that little angel. She's 3 months old and weighs all of 16 pounds, she's not fat folks, she's just fluffy..... and solid as a rock. This granny with one sore not fixed right arm can attest to that fact. But what a sweetheart, she's some kind of happy baby.

Have a great father's day weekend. We are all set to entertain four of our children and their spouses on Sunday. It's Sticky Fingers ribs and Hooters Wings and a Texas Sheet Cake. All yummy to the tummy.

Blessings B.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's Here

This is baby Rachel. Four days old and counting when this picture was taken. Of course her very proud Grandmother was holding her while Poppa snapped her picture. She came into this world 7lbs and 9oz and was 19 inches long. God is so Good. She's healthy and such a pretty girl.

She arrived on March 3, around 6:30 in the evening after we had all pretty much given up on her getting here in a timely manner. Her sweet mom had to finally have a c-section after a long day. We were awakened at 5:11 in the morning saying she was on her way. And on her way she was all day long.

She's here now tho and very much loved and spoiled by all concerned. Seven more days and we will find out what our other Grandlove will be. My daughter-in-law goes for her sonogram on the 18th, and we will know what to expect in August.

Ain't this fun? I get two in one year to love on.

Blessings to all

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Stuff

My beloved husband has asked me to help him with his "new addiction." Buying Baby stuff.

We are the proud grandparents of two babies on the way. One due next month who is the recipient of all the stuff taking up space in the back bedroom. Then in August we get to do it all over again. Lucky me I managed to get all the Christmas items out of the bedroom just in time to start filling it up again.

At first we were just going to split the cost of the baby bed and comforter set with another family member, plus the hand made items I had made, (2 afghans with matching baby hats). That was before I mistakenly took him to a consignment shop and we bought the frilly pink travel crib, that I later found on the Internet for $189.00, nope we didn't pay that much, only $39.00 if I remember correctly. From there it was a trip to Babies R Us, and he found something else, and something else, then hit the on line store for something else. It was then he asked me if I knew of a Rehab for Grandparents.

When I sweetly ask are you done yet? I get "well maybe." Please Lord do not let these wonderful expectant parents add one more thing to their Baby Registry.... Remember me I want to retire and be available to baby sit occasionally....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas in the South

Since we haven't seen snow since way back in 1989, we have to create our snow men and let them reside inside the house. The little Christmas doll I found in the American Thrift Store in Jasper Alabama for $1.98. How could anyone part with her? As you can tell I'm a cat lover with all the cats sitting around, and now days there are no real pets to be seen. Seems strange after all the years of Cats and Dogs around the house not to have even one. Who knows maybe when I finally retire and stay home I will once again see the need of a furry friend to keep me company while I piddle around the house hoping to find no puddles.