Friday, April 24, 2009

Computer Magic

I'm fairly new at blogging but I'm learning all sorts of neat ways to improve my simple blog.

Today I added a connection for people to follow my blog. How cool is that? Jennifer was the first one to sign on. Thank you, Jennifer.

I've attached my name to several blogs now and I love following all of them.

As I've told a few people a lot of my computer time is from work, and I have to be careful since my Beloved Son is the Computer Guy with the company I work for. So in the past he has made it impossible for us to go on My Space, Craigs List, and various other websites, so I'm praying he never, let me repeat that "NEVER EVER" discovers the Blogging World.

As soon as I figure out how to attach pictures and slide shows then I plan to have more fun with blogging, of course I may have to retire or give up watching NCIS in the evenings to do so.

Have a very Blessed day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Friend's Birthday

Today is my very Best Friend Sally's Birthday. She is one year younger than me today and as she reminded me only yesterday she was two years younger then.

How long has this been going on you might ask? Well we met on the school bus in Muncie, Indiana when I was 8 or 7 and and she was 6 or 7. Needless to say we have followed each other around since then.

In our teens Sally moved to Orlando, Florida with her family and I followed a few years later. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and she followed a few years later. Then she went every where from the Philippines to New York, then later Texas, Colorado, and at the moment Kansas. Me, well I'm still in Jacksonville, Florida. But occasionally I get to meet up with her some place. Most recently in Orlando, and before that on a Cruise. Fun stuff.

Sally sales cruises so if you are in the market for one look her up at

Sally loves animals of all sizes, but is the proud owner of 7, yes I said 7 dogs. I blame her husband Tom for this as he wants to keep her happy, and if they lose one of their tribe he sometimes buys two rather than one to take their place. Right this minute they have Bernie, Taz, Jezebel, Scarlet, Kimshee, Hobo and Moose. Bernie and Kimshee are Shitzu's, Taz, Jezebel, and Scarlet are Yorkies, Moose is a Labradoodle and Hobo is some sort of terrier, he was one of Sally's rescues, can't blame Tom for him. They are all loved and cherished and treated better than some people I know.

Sally and I have shared so many adventures and escapades and just plain fun over the years until she's more like a sister then the girl I met on the bus. I've told her many times that the day I met her was one of those moments in time where I felt like "I've found her" rather than just "met her."

I've slipped her name in both of the books I've written and I'm sure I will find a spot for her in the future books that I'm walking around with in my head, that have failed to find their way to paper.

So I'm writing today to wish Sally a very Happy Birthday.

Many Blessings,