Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writing for Fun

Yesterday I wrote a few lines just for entertainment and fun. My friends are used to my humor so sometimes I either tell them or write them something that I find humorous in my life with my Sweet Husband, Larry. So here's my story and I'm sticking to it, although one friend wanted me to swear it was "the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth." Another friend proclaimed "You are So Spoiled." Yet another said "You are the Queen and must dress accordingly." I have some wonderful friends who truly "Stand by Me" in all sorts of situations.

Larry came looking for me to tell me bye this morning and he found me standing in front of my closet, (which is full to exploding) but I lied very nicely, with "honey I don't have a thing to wear" Of course he was trying to look over my shoulder as I adeptly closed the door.

Later I emailed him that I had made it to work and had on some "old rags" I had found deep in the closet to put on. That very "unsympathetic man" emailed me back that he was sure the Thrift Store would be open as usual Saturday Morning. I then told him that perhaps I had some change laying around and maybe they would have something I could afford.

I did a favor for him later in the day by making some phone calls about an old insurance bill they wanted us to pay on the house he sold last year. Anyway I assessed my time and energy and billed him $10.00 so I would have some money to spend for these new clothes I so badly need, from the Thrift Store.

And oh what a "sweet man" he is, as he said that since I was so deprived I could have 10% of the money I had just saved him with my phone calls. So Yippee Skippee I now have $26.68 for my wild shopping spree for new duds.

What'cha think about that? I probably can store them in
the washing machineor under the bed, or hey I can
put some nails on the back of the doors in the
house and hang them there! Whatever works....!

Have A Very Blessed Day, smile often and laugh out loud


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have you ever had too many projects? Well it seems like we don't get one finished until we have an idea for another and sometimes there's one on hold and two in progress.

At the moment we are painting the outside of the house and inbetween we are moving furniture around on the inside to make room for our latest addition. A GRANDFATHER clock. Wow.... the company I work for is footing the bill because I've been here for 20 years. It doesn't seem like 20 years and I never intended to work outside the home for that many years, but life seems to happen.

Well in the mist of all of this we volunteered to keep our granddaughter over night so her folks, my husband's daughter and son-in-law can celebrate their anniversary, and got the good news that we are to be grandparents again via my husband's son and daughter-in-law. Great news and I'm sure I'll write more about that awesome event as time goes on. I have not one but three baby afghans in process......... boy, girl, twins???? The Twin part is not likely this time but when my son and his wife finally decide it is time, she's a twin so maybe.

And we have a man coming Saturday to put Hardee Board on the back of the house. Let me tell you I'm tired already and keep thinking of other stuff I want to do. How bout that bathroom tile, and the new floor for the Utility Room, and oh yeah I want to steam clean the bathroom...... It's all about time and the management of time.

Which brings me to another thought, I want to finish my brother's quilt for his big 70th birthday and I do so want to get back to writing. Two books and I stopped to get married, well we are old married folks now, almost 2 years, but like Larry says if you count all the years we've been married to each other and to others, well........ it's a total of 72 years.

I'm working on getting my head in the direction of a book I started years ago and didn't finish. And we've also borrowed a treadmill and so far I'm up to a mile a day.... Yea Me.
So guess at this stage I just need to record my thoughts as I walk and write them down later or just slow down on the projects.

Have a Blessed Day