Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is April first and there are a lot of folks playing jokes on each other. But today I'm remembering a year ago when my ex-daughter-in-law, Christy, called to tell me that her mother had committed suicide. My first thought was "April Fools" only she was serious and I knew it. Christy's mom had a drinking problem and I'm sure other issues that I knew nothing about. We however did share two grandsons who lived with their mother and she was good to call me when she felt like I could do something for them that she couldn't. The last time I talked to her she wanted to let me know that Alex needed some new tennis shoes. We had known each other long enough by then to know she only called me when there was a need. I know today must be hard for Christy. She told me a few weeks ago when I saw her that she had gone to counseling for about 6 months. Trying to find answers for the big hole left in her life ........ Why Sandy Why? I doubt we will ever know what went through Sandy's mind as she decided to end her life. I have another friend who has beat colon cancer and if you want to get her fighting mad tell her about someone who has tried to kill themselves or succeeded. She's fought hard now for five years to stay alive and can't understand why someone would so carelessly end theirs. Today I pray for peace for Christy. Understanding with love for her mother who couldn't keep on keeping on like the rest of us.