Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday fun

As I previously posted my husband left my birthday gift at home. So on Sunday morning the day of my birthday he told me what I had waiting for me at home.

Of course I loved the gift, (Ruby/Diamond Ring) but the best part was the card. We have a running joke about the names he calls me. I've been trying to teach him some new words for quite some time now.

He often calls me "Brat" as in Spoiled Brat, "Silly" is another one of his expressions, so along the way I've tried to incorporate the word "Precious."

My birthday card said "To My Precious Wife." Can you believe it? He's really been listening to me, don't cha think?

Many Blessings

Anniversary / Birthday Trip

We spent this past weekend in Alabama. One of my favorite places to go since most of my family lives there.

It was our two year anniversary and my birthday so we rented a convertible for our short weekend Holiday trip.

For our anniversary I got my husband a Radar Detector because in the Spring when we went to Alabama for my family's fish fry get together He got a ticket. That ticket cost as much as the Radar Detector, so it was probably money well spent for many trips to come.

You might be asking so what did he get her? Well by now you all know he is a romantic, so I got a Ruby Bracelet to go with my Ruby slide and earrings that he bought me for Christmas.

On the ride up we only had one short rain shower so the rest of the trip was top down and lovin' it.

An hour or so outside of town he remembered he had left my birthday present at home. I assured him my favorite thing to do is to celebrate several weeks if not all month.

One of the reason we took this trip at this particular time was because my brother Charles was turning 70. His children were throwing him a Surprise Birthday party on Saturday and we were part of the surprise.

I come from a family of nine and several years ago one of my sisters and I decided to present each person who turned 70 a quilt. Well it's really more like a quilt hanging. The first one we created together, but later she made two of our brothers one, then it was her turn, so I made hers, and this time I decided very early on to make this one very special. I cut out the squares, only 9 of them. Created a ball cap and denim jeans and shirt applique for the boys, skirt, blouse and bonnet for the girl. Each square told a story of that person.

On my square I had two books with a big A on them, for my books Amon(There's an Angel in the House) and Audrey's Window. I also had a dog on my skirt to represent my Boston Terrier dogs that I got from this brother. Had a bumble bee and dragon fly button to represent my two boys, a flower for my daughter, a red heart for my husband, and the stem of the flower had leaves for each grandchild and an Angel pin over my heart for my precious Tracey who only lived 25 days. On every quilt block I stitched the birth year of the brother or sister and in one case the year of a death. We lost our oldest brother Billy in 1989.

Maybe one day soon I will post a picture. I did think it turned out rather cute. He certainly was proud of it. And now I have two years to come up with something spectacular for another sister who will be 70. Her name is Reba and in 2011 she will be 70..... hope she isn't reading this, no really I haven't told a soul you will be 68 on December 14.

Many Blessings