Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Birthday

Another Birthday came and went.

And I must say I had a Great time.

It's all about family, and since we have joined our two families together, it is such a blessing that they all wanted to share in my Birthday.

My husband believes every one should have a Great, Stupendous, Outstanding birthday and he goes to great lengths to make that happen.

He contacted everyone and we all met at the Japanese Restaurant for dinner and gift exchange, then over to his daughter's house for cake and ice cream. Boy what a cake that was. He asked me what I liked best and I said coconut cake, so I not only got the traditional coconut iced cake, but the cake itself was a coconut cake.

It totally blows me away that his children are so loving toward me. They still talk about their mother a lot, but don't make me feel any less important.

Two of my children came. That always is so much fun for me to see my adult children interact with each other and of course we always find something funny to laugh about.

My three brothers called to wish me a Happy Birthday. They are all older than me so for some reason they always remember my birthday. One brother, Charles, is 7 years older than me and he says he is still 39 so that makes me 32........Not! The oldest brother, Harvey, remains 29, as he keeps having anniversaries of his 29th birthday, and my brother Dempsey just says, "You are as old as you feel."

I come from a family of nine and I'm the youngest, and quite often remind them of that.

Family makes every day and every birthday extra special.

Many Blessings