Friday, June 18, 2010

Surgery and Recovery

On April 29, my youngest son's birthday I had surgery on my right arm. I had been in pain for some time and finally with my son's advice ringing in my ears. "Mom you know if you put this off, then recovery is much harder the older you get." Made me feel down right ancient.

Well it's been almost two months now and I'm still in therapy, but Praise the Lord I can now pull my hair up in a pony tail. Up until this week I could not raise my arm above my head. You know what? I do not know one single woman out there who can't rise above a minor hair inconvenience.

I'm am a major fan of hot curlers, so if your arm doesn't go up then your head can go down to accommodate the problem. So my first day back to work I got down on the level of the hot curlers and we didn't do too bad. That fleeting thought I had about just shaving my head, went away quickly, so I still have my long flowing hair but and that's a LARGE BUT if it gets any hotter in Florida it may have to go.

Yeah I know I asked my hubby what he liked best short or long hair and he did compliment me first thing this morning on how good it looked........ and lets see that was two days after he had his trimmed and it wasn't even hanging over his collar. Men, gotta love them.

We are expecting another grand daughter in August and are in preparation for all the baby showers. At least my surgery didn't affect my typing skills or the fact that I can still crochet lovely baby afghans. This daughter-in-love is getting two with hats to match. Of course that's exactly what the last daughter-in-love got too. Can't play favorites.

I stayed home Friday and Monday to keep that little angel. She's 3 months old and weighs all of 16 pounds, she's not fat folks, she's just fluffy..... and solid as a rock. This granny with one sore not fixed right arm can attest to that fact. But what a sweetheart, she's some kind of happy baby.

Have a great father's day weekend. We are all set to entertain four of our children and their spouses on Sunday. It's Sticky Fingers ribs and Hooters Wings and a Texas Sheet Cake. All yummy to the tummy.

Blessings B.

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