Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogging World

The first blog I ever read was Kristy Dykes' Christian Romance and from that I decided to create a blog. Then I found Jennifer's and from there I've been bouncing all over cyber space and reading the most amazing stories.

You ladies are incredible. Pictures, recipes, good advice, sad stories, love stories, and crafts. It's all out there in the Blog World.

When I first read Kristy's I thought a blog might be a great idea for me to express some of my feelings through out the day. I've been journaling for years and since I'm in front of a computer all day at work, and believe me work has been slow, but I still have to sit here, thought I would try blogging. In between business picked up then slowed down and life happened, so I don't log on very often to write.

I recently posted a blog about my ex-husband's illness and Jennifer asked how he was.

My daughter has been designated as his caretaker so she's been making all the medical decisions.

He's better in that he is no longer sedated with a feeding tube.
Other issues have come to light. He has been diagnosed with diabetes which has gone untreated and he may have some lung problems. He's been a long time smoker. Right now he is still in the hospital and will remain there until Monday sometime when he will be transferred to a rehabilatative hospital. He's been confined and almost totally out of it for over two weeks so he must get his strength back, prior to going home.


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