Friday, February 13, 2009

Hearts and Flowers

When Larry and I were dating he asked me what kind of flowers I liked. I had never received many flowers so I had to think about it, but I do remember telling him that I liked yellow roses, daisys, and I think I even mentioned pink roses.

The next day he brought me a basket of flowers, there were 10 yellow roses and 10 daisys and 10 pink roses. It was gorgeous. The yellow roses lasted the longest and were beautiful. I raved about them and he asked why didn't I just say Yellow Roses were my favorite. Duh?

I've been practical my entire life and not knowing what flowers cost I figured that daisys would be fairly inexpensive, or so I thought. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would buy every flower I mentioned.

But since then he's only bought me Yellow Roses and they are a special brand that are very big and quite beautiful. They have to be ordered in advance I think they are called Mohana Roses, I've probably butchered the name. I'm expecting Roses tomorrow like a lot of other women out there, but I'm wondering how many are expecting yellow roses.

He's also big on jewelry and last Valentines day got me a set of hearts from Swarovski. They are purple, a necklace and ear rings. Very pretty and quite unusual looking.

He asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day so he always make the day extra special. We are having lunch at the restaurant where he proposed then going to a friend's house to see her and her husband renew their wedding vows, (40) years.

So this Lady is looking forward to celebrating our big day and lest you think I've forgotten him, I haven't, a new camera case, cd, and gift card to the movies await him.

Many Blessings

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