Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think I have as much fun planning anything as I do the actual event. We are in the process of planning our vacation. We will leave Jacksonville bright and early May 15, and make our way to Birmingham, Alabama.

I have family there. Since I come from a family of nine children I actually have a large family in that area. If you've ever read my book Audrey's Window you will be familiar with my family.

Some years back my brother Charles started having what he called "A Family Fish Fry," since then we've all tried to gather once a year to just be together. Larry's gone the past two years with me but for several years I went by myself. There are 5 girls and 3 boys living. We five girls (women) and I'm the youngest which I always remind someone, always have are pictures taken together.

Getting back to our vacation we plan on the "Fish Fry" then want to tour Graceland in Memphis and then over to Nashville for the Grand 'Ole Opry, finally coming home by way of Helen Ga. Yep we plan to cram all that into one week. That's what takes up all our planning. I've been putting Mapquest to good use and have discovered that Memphis is about 3 and 1/2 hours away from Birmingham and Nashville another 3 from there and maybe four hours to Helen, Ga.

If anyone has gone to all these places I wish they would enlighten me on the best places to stay and all the fun things to do, since Larry has nixed my wonderful idea of staying in the "Burning Love" suite at the Graceland Hotel. I think it's the price, let's see, yep $545.00 per night is a bit steep. Guess our burning love will have to be burned up someplace else.


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