Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missing Lavada

I had a long time friend Nell Henry and when she died I thought I would never get over missing her, and even now I see things she has given me or go in the house that was once hers and wonder where the time has gone and exactly when did I accept the fact that she was gone.

Lavada has only been gone a short time and almost daily I think about her. When I get in front of my computer and create anything whether it be for work or pleasure I think about Lavada. She loved writing, she loved everything that centered around writing. I did so want her to get published.

I spoke to her daughter in law at the funeral home and she expressed a wish to finish Lavada's books. I hope she's following through with that, for if nobody but family reads her books they will always have that part of Lavada. I have the one book that she was the "ghost writer" on and never got full credit for it. I treasure that book and the fact she allowed me to help her edit it. Kristy Dykes read it too, and like me thought Lavada an excellent writer.

Lavada's name alone spelled out WRITER to me. Lavada Haupt. What a great name.

Missing you still

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