Thursday, June 19, 2008


My family has grown over this past year. At first it was a new step-daughter and her husband and beautiful daughter, a new step-son and his wife. Then low and behold my oldest grandson became a father.

My daughter is now a grandmother and when I called myself Nana (the name all my grandchildren (5 of them) call me to this new bundle of joy, my wonderful grandson reminded me that now I am "Grand nana."

Now I ask you do I look like a Great Grandmother? Wait I'm only, well I admit to 43, at least I can use that number until my daughter who is 42 claims it. No really 61, and some days I still feel 43.

My family has grown and get togethers have become larger and to tell the truth, I'm loving it. My new husband can't understand the hours I spend in the kitchen preparing dinners when he would gladly take us all out. Nope I love the oppotunity to cook for my children making all their old favorites and rejoice in the new members of my family when they tell me their favorite dish that I have made.

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Barbara J. Robinson said...

Hi BJ.

We not only share the same name and initials, but also we're both Virgos :). I also met my husband online, but not through E-Harmony. We met in 1999. I wouldn't go out, so if I was going to meet anyone, it had to be online.

Your blog entry reminds me of the huge meals I used to cook for my large family. I loved to cook and decorate for the holidays. I've even written about it :). Thanks for visiting my blog. I belong to ACFW, and love my critique group. I've learned so much from them.

I am praying for Kristy, and I check her blog often. Small world, isn't it?