Thursday, February 21, 2008

Funny note to my husband

Last year I got married. My former husband passed away 4 years ago and I wasn't exactly looking to remarry, but then I met Larry, (that will have to be another post, because it was a very romantic meeting.) Larry's wife passed away 5 years ago and I like to tell him God was refining him for me, thus the time span.

Anyway this morning I got a short email from him telling me it has been a rough week and he was looking forward to the weekend and some rest. Well being the dutiful wife that I am I emailed him back with my thoughts on his day of rest. Of course the writer portion of me took liberties and went a little crazy.

Hey It's your day Baby, that is Saturday will be and you can rest up.
I promise to be quiet when I tip toe out of the bedroom and sneak
ever so quietly into the living room, and very mutely go into the
kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee, then take teeny tiny steps
to the front door, under cover of silence, unlock the door, gently
shove it open, shush the birds as I run down the driveway to retrieve
the paper, skipping back to the house, only to SLAM the front door
as I sweep into the living room and plop down on the sofa, rattle the
newspaper, slurp my coffee, whistle for the dogs, and hum your
favorite song, all the while thinking,

"It's your Day Baby, Sleep tight!

Now you gotta know the man loves me.

Blessings / Barbara


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