Thursday, November 6, 2008

Process of Grief

This is a post that I wrote to Milton Dykes who has been keeping up his wife Kristy's blog since she passed away. God is so good to lead us forward after a death in our family. I wanted to share this incase someone else reads my blog and is going through the grieving process. Milton share his story so well, having been there I reconize the process.

I couldn't even begin to tell you how long the grieving process will last or how often it will take you unawares. I just know it does. My first experience with grief was my first child who lived only 27 days, and after three more children I still grieved for the one who didn't make it.

How long? I remember it well, fifteen years and then one day while looking at my then 14 year old daughter, 9 and 5 year old sons, I was okay and I didn't grieve for her anymore.

When my husband passed away in January of 2004 after a long heart breaking illness I traveled the same road my sister traveled two years before. But with her knowledge of the process, and many friends and family I came through, and in November of 2006 when my youngest son married my grief lifted and a week later I met the man I would marry a year later.

A lot of days I prayed out loud, me who always wrote my thoughts down and read books continuously, couldn't read or write for almost 6 months. But then peace came and my mind turned to other things.

I pray this peace for you Milton. Peace and Joy will overcome the grief in time. You are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful wife, who had such an understanding of life and living beyond death. And let us not forget her knowledge of Romance. Remember her and go forth, for there is still much to do. God most assuredly has his hand upon you.

Many Blessings


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