Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Friend Lavada Haupt in Heaven

God took another writer friend Wednesday night with a brain tumor, Lavada Haupt.

Kristy Dykes critiqued some of Lavada's work and like myself thought Lavada was an excellent writer. She had one book published but at least 4 in progress.

I know God is in control and knows better than I why now and why Lavada or why Kristy. I hope they are sharing writing tips in Heaven. And saving a spot for me to join in one day. We had such good times sharing what we had learned from each other and other sources.

Lavada was only a phone call or an email away when I needed something read over and critiqued in a hurry, for as you should know writers are always in a hurry to get to the next page of their article or book. No time to spare or waste.

I will dearly miss Lavada and her books that I was priveleged to critique, a couple were never finished and I have no clue as to how she planned to end the saga.

She stumped me many times with her romantic words, such as "her heart trembled", being my practical self I wanted to know how a heart trembled or "eyes sparkled", so many of her romantic expressions were wonderful. I began to think I wasn't a romantic, but then my writing led to truth with fiction thrown in, and Lavada wrote Christian Romance.

I will so miss her.


11/19/08 Lavada's Going Home Day

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