Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Stuff

My beloved husband has asked me to help him with his "new addiction." Buying Baby stuff.

We are the proud grandparents of two babies on the way. One due next month who is the recipient of all the stuff taking up space in the back bedroom. Then in August we get to do it all over again. Lucky me I managed to get all the Christmas items out of the bedroom just in time to start filling it up again.

At first we were just going to split the cost of the baby bed and comforter set with another family member, plus the hand made items I had made, (2 afghans with matching baby hats). That was before I mistakenly took him to a consignment shop and we bought the frilly pink travel crib, that I later found on the Internet for $189.00, nope we didn't pay that much, only $39.00 if I remember correctly. From there it was a trip to Babies R Us, and he found something else, and something else, then hit the on line store for something else. It was then he asked me if I knew of a Rehab for Grandparents.

When I sweetly ask are you done yet? I get "well maybe." Please Lord do not let these wonderful expectant parents add one more thing to their Baby Registry.... Remember me I want to retire and be available to baby sit occasionally....

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Tracey said...

How wonderful that your husband is having so much fun preparing to be a grandparent! Such a special time!!! But, yes, you need to be available to babysit :) I would be lost without the babysitting availability of my parents!!!

:) T